Finding Safety the Wright Way.

Finding Safety the Wright Way.

When it comes to safety, there's the easy way, and there's the wright way.

We understand that if your safety is compromised, so is our reputation. That’s why ‘hard work’ has been more than just a slogan and ‘easy’ just isn’t part of our family vocabulary. We safeguard that all our premium quality tools allow you to get the job done, the first time, so that you can get home safe.

While getting the job done is the truest test of any tool, ensuring your safety is our company’s purpose.

our safety seminars ensure you learn from the best.

During our seminar, you'll learn all there is to know about your tools—from how to use them properly to checking for everyday wear and tear. At the end, you'll be given certification showing that you passed the course. Our seminar goes over the following categories:

  • Hands-on demonstration of key tool categories
  • Pointers or choosing the right tool for the job
  • How to check tools for wear and damage
  • Examples of tool safety features

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Wright takes extra steps to forge tools that are safer to use and designed to prevent tool failure.

We engineer our tools for higher strength, better performance, longer-lasting durability and long-term reliability. Some might say that we “over-engineer” our tools. We take that as a compliment. Where others might make a tool thinner to fit a tight space, we’ve designed a way to make the tool fit without sacrificing strength or contact area. We are always looking out for the users of our products. We know that you need the safest possible tools in your arsenal. That’s why we don’t stop with “good enough.” We constantly strive to make our tools the safest in the industry. 

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