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Professionals working in the world's harshest environments demand performance and safety that exceeds the standard, because failure is not an option. This is why Wright only uses the best—Wright alloy steel. The use of our proprietary steel, precision heat treating, and advanced manufacturing techniques results in products of long life, durability and toughness. The end results are products built to exceed industry standards, because good enough is never good enough.

Power Generation Oil & Gas commercial construction infrastructure heavy equipment & machinery industrial MRO government/gsa mining

For all the ways energy is generated and distributed, nothing is more important than keeping our nation's power infrastructure working properly.

That often means repairing and maintaining coal-powered utilities, nuclear facilities and wind farms, power generation, transmission and distribution equipment under emergency and dangerous conditions as well with planned turnarounds.

In our nearly 100 years of perfecting the performance of our tools, we understand the demands of the job and we forge our professional grade tools to exceed the industry’s standards.

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Exploration. Drilling. Refining. Foreign and domestic production. Whatever part of the oil and gas industry you work in, you can count on Wright.

We provide the oil and gas industry with the best and most complete choices for heavy-duty applications. That includes our large Combination Wrenches with openings up to 4” SAE and 80mm metric and our Impact Sockets that go up to 8” opening and 3-1/2” drive.

We recognize value is beyond the price you pay. It’s the whole package, from delivery to service to the quality tool that helps you get the job done safely. Because you can’t afford to waste time or money on failure.

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Office towers. Convention centers. Casinos. Sports complexes. Factories. Dams and Bridges. Pipelines. Sewer lines . . . Wright supports them all.

General contractors and sub-contractors handle all sorts of construction jobs. Those responsible for purchasing tools want to make sure users have the safest, most reliable tools they can get their hands on. And so does Wright.

Wright’s line-up includes monster-size wrenches for big construction jobs, impact sockets for higher torque and a complete range of general construction tools that can be relied on when you need them most.

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When you’re helping to build our tomorrow, count on Wright to support the movement.

Whether you're building transportation systems, utilities or communication networks, Wright tools are engineered and crafted in Barberton, Ohio USA by hardworking Americans, for hardworking professionals. Now more than ever, our economy needs reliable infrastructure to connect supply chains and efficiently move goods and services across borders.

We take the extra steps to engineer tools that are safe to use and designed to prevent tool failure.

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Heavy-duty tools for even heavier duty equipment and machinery.

Wright doesn’t forge just any tools, we forge to finish professional grade tools that exceed the standards and outlast the competition. All made in the USA under the same roof since 1927. With a vast distribution network and a readily available inventory to get you the tools when needed, we ensure confidence in those that pick us up.

For nearly 100 years in Barberton, Ohio USA, we’ve been forging tools that make the tough jobs, easier!

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Wright provides our users not only the tools they need, but the tools that they deserve and can count on.

We take extra steps to forge tools that are safer to use and designed to prevent tool failure. From our factory floor in Barberton, OH USA to your hands, our tools are engineered for higher strength, better performance and longer-lasting durability that results in long-term reliability

So whether you’re looking for product or supply, Wright maintains a readily available inventory that supports all our distributors, who in turn support you.

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We forge tools that keep our troops protected and safe. This is not a task we take lightly.

Wright has proudly been rooted and operating out of Barberton, Ohio USA. This is our home, where we are a privately-held company with one factory, under one roof and have been led by only four Presidents in nearly 100 years. The pioneering spirit that built America is forged into every Wright tool. With the latest technology and American ingenuity, we support those who defend our country, and we’ll continue to go above the bar.

And in nearly 100 years of engineering and designing professional grade tools that continue to exceed the standards, we’ve learned never to put your name on something that isn’t the best.

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Big jobs demand big tools—and mining, that’s a big job.

Wright’s heavy-duty hand tools are built big and tough for the most demanding mining applications. Our American made, professional-grade tools are hot-forged for strength, quality, durability, performance and reliability.

In other words, our tools’ innovation and performance provides you the safety you require and the insurance to get you home safe.

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