You don’t just hand someone a Wright tool, you pass it down the line.


In Barberton, Ohio USA we craft every tool with pride to outlast you, and the next generation. Our products are hot forged from Wright alloy steel which means you’ll probably break before our tools do. Because to us, making tools that last will always come first.

Everywhere there's a tough job, there's a Wright tool getting it done.

That's because Wright tools are designed to provide superior quality and hot forged with Wright alloy steel to create maximum strength and durability. With Wright, you get better tool to fastener contact, better torque load and a longer life. Our tools are engineered, built and tested under our roof and up to our standards.

And we are committed to maintaining a readily available product line, so we can be counted on when needed most.


When accuracy is just as important as durability, the choice is simple.

Wright offers a line of torque wrenches in three styles – micro-adjustable, dial and electric dial - while also offering torque screwdrivers and torque multipliers. These wrenches are precision instruments with non-slip grip made from alloy steel exceeding ASME torque standards.

While others try and make tools thinner to fit a space, we engineer tools that don’t have to sacrifice strength or contact area.

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Wright Grip 2.0

The most advanced wrench on the planet is a standard feature.

As a standard feature on the open-end of our combination wrenches, precision placed protrusions are custom engineered for each wrench size to keep it seated on the fastener, increase torque and reduce slippage.

Simply put, you won’t find a better wrench. Period.

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protrusion engagements
more grip
than 2nd generation AS954 12-point
than other wrenches

Wright Drive 2.0

We stressed the details, so you don’t stress the corners.

The Wright Drive 2.0 design distributes contact stress more effectively than any other wrench system available. It spreads stress evenly over a larger contact area and away from the fastener corners.

Scrutinized in a lab. Measured on the job.

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than conventional 12-point designs
than 2nd generation AS954 12-point

Wright tools are forged to finish by hardworking Americans, for hardworking professionals.

Wright has proudly been rooted and operating out of Barberton, Ohio USA. This is our home, where we are a privately-held company with one factory, under one roof and have been led by only four Presidents in nearly 100 years. The pioneering spirit that built America is forged into every Wright tool.

And in nearly 100 years of engineering and designing professional grade tools that continue to exceed the standards, we’ve learned never to put your name on something that isn’t the best.

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More impact. More selection. More durability.

Wright impact sockets are heavy-duty, high-strength tools that offer outstanding performance and long-lasting service featuring our patented Wright Drive 2.0. With our expanded ranges in select drive sizes, we offer more impact sockets than anyone.

We don’t forge just any tools, we forge to finish professional grade tools that exceed the standards and outlast the competition.

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Heavy-duty tools need extreme storage.

Wright sells unique combinations of flexible and heavy-duty drawers and shelving that ensures lifetime drawer performance by only using steel ball bearings and heat-treated steel rollers in making our systems. With a wide choice of cabinet heights and widths to meet your needs, our tool storage is built to support loads up to 400 lbs. per drawer, protect your everyday tools and withstand the toughest conditions.

For storage you’ll swear by, not at, trust the experts at Wright.

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Caring for what you carry

The durability of our all-American made blow molded cases is second to none and no other material even comes close when it comes to impact strength.

Of the many choices you have, choose between options built to outlast the competition.

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Provides 10 times more contact area than conventional designs. By relocating load and stress away from the corners, it enhances performance, increases socket life and adds grip to your wrenches.

Noticeable Performance.


we’re constantly innovating—For jobs that are out of this world or on the other side of it.

Wright has specialized in forging high quality, heavy-duty industrial tools used for jobs such as NASA’s Orion Space Program or to remove a large broken bolt on the Hoover Dam. Our American-made innovation allows our tools to exceed where others fail and help build our tomorrow.

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