We stressed the details, so you don’t stress the corners.

The Wright Drive 2.0 design distributes contact stress more effectively than any other wrench system available.

With the stress spread over a larger contact area and away from the corners, Wright Drive 2.0 improves fastener torque load while decreasing rounding and distortion of the fastener.

And in nearly 100 years of engineering and designing professional grade tools that continue to exceed the standards, we’ve learned never to put your name on anything but the best.

10x more contact than conventional 12-point designs.

We’ve optimized the flat contact areas to remove force from the the fastener corners, as well as optimized the protrusions for each fastener size to add grip to your wrenches.

Don't believe us? Test it out yourself.

1.7x more contact than 2nd generation AS954 12-point.

We’ve added premium Wright alloy steel for increased strength, as well as ensured precision in our broaches give you the most consistent quality and tolerance levels achievable.

Don’t believe us? Test it yourself.

The 12-point design has up to 10x more tool-to-fastener contact area.


Approximate .005" length of flat contact at engagement under load with 5/8" conventional design and SAE Grade 5 fastener.


Maximum .030" length of flat contact at engagement under load with 5/8" first generation AS954 design and SAE Grade 5 fastener.


Maximum .057" length of flat contact at engagement under load with 5/8" Wright Drive 2.0 design and SAE Grade 5 fastener.

Improved 6-point contact means more grip, torque and strength.


Conventional designs put all of the load too close to the fastener corner, causing fastener rounding and failure while putting extra concentrated stress into the socket wall and inside surface of the socket.


The Wright Drive 2.0 6-point moves the contact area away from the corners, creating greater strength, more torque. Its circle diameter reduces fastener rounding and allows better grip on undersized fasteners and previously rounded corners.

MORE CONTACT more torque more strength more grip more life less rounding less fatigue less jaw spread less slippage less failure MORE contact

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