Forged from history.

For NEARLY 100 years

The pioneering spirit that built America is forged into every Wright tool. And while history guides us, it’s possibility that sees us in our factory before sunrise. With the latest technology, all-American ingenuity, and a commitment to professional grade tools, we’re ready to take on the next 100 years. And help you take on anything.

WRIGHT HAS forged to finish the highest quality hand tools by hardworking Americans, for even harder working professionals.

We have always recognized that value is not found in the price of the tool but in the price of the job. Everywhere there's a tough job, there's a Wright tool getting it done. That's because Wright tools are hot forged to create maximum strength and designed to provide superior performance.

OUR Wright Alloy steel, precision heat treating, and advanced manufacturing techniques result in products that last longer and work harder, exceeding industry standards.

We use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technologies and in-house computer programs to improve existing tool designs, as well as introduce new innovations such as the patented Wright Spline, Wright Drive 2.0 and Wright Grip 2.0. We also offer small-sized ratchets for hard-to-reach spots, heavy-duty sockets for heavy use, long term service, and superior quality wrenches in both full polish and satin finishes.

we’re forging more than just tools.

Here at Wright, our vision has always been to ensure confidence and protect those that are building our tomorrow. And when we do that, we're forging more than just tools.

We're forging partnerships. We're forging respect.

We don’t just follow American-made standards – we are the standarD.

You learn a lot in nearly 100 years, the biggest is don’t put your name on something that isn’t the best. At Wright, we only forge one quality tool – premium. We deliver this by forging the most innovative and tenacious wrenches, ratchets, sockets and attachments able to handle the world’s toughest jobs.

Hot forged from Wright alloy steel right here in Barberton, OH USA, you’ll break before our tools do.

for almost
100 years.

at wright, we know that human relationships are at the forefront of every great business, so we want you to get to know us. meet some of our team members that help make the tools you use every day.

Meet Gary
Hammer Operator - 16 years at Wright

Gary is Barberton-proud! He not only works in Barberton but is growing roots here with his family and two children. In the factory, Gary is able to operate a variety of our machines which includes our die forger, hot forge upsetter, drop hammer, inner and outer broach, roller stamp machines, 110-ton flat stamp machine, and the four-spindle drill press. Gary loves to produce premium quality tools and enjoys working with his fellow co-workers. The tools that Gary produces provide him with a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that they contribute to building better futures.

His tool of choice is Part #3430, our 5-¼” ratchet with a ⅜" drive.

When Gary isn’t perfecting the performance of our tools, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, pool side, fire side, fishing or being outdoors.

wright’s commitment to perfecting performance.


Our Founder - C. Nelson Wright

From selling tools out of the back of his car to establishing our Barberton-based company.

A one-time tool salesman, Mr. Wright established our Barberton, Ohio-based company in 1927. Under his direction, Wright expanded to become a nationally and internationally known manufacturer with distribution to hardware, automotive and industrial markets.


Hot Forging Sockets

Higher toughness, longer wear and better reliability.

Barberton, Ohio begins production on hot forging sockets in their plant. By going to a hot forge process, it keeps materials from strain hardening at high temperature, which results in optimum yield strength, low hardness and high ductility.


Our Innovator - Richard “Dick” Wright

“Always remember, we are not here for our satisfaction, we’re here to serve the customer. That must come first, if we serve the customer well, we will be served.”

Following in his father's large footsteps in 1952, Dick spent his entire career at Wright. Starting as an engineer, he eventually was promoted to Chief Engineer, then Purchasing Agent and later becoming Vice President. Finally, in 1967 he was able to fill his father's shoes and became President. For almost four decades and into the new millennium Dick led Wright. In January 2007, he retired from his position yet still remained Chairman of the Board until 2012.


Wright Improvment Teams

"We have been a company that has constantly put our customer on the forefront of our minds and our innovations. We continually ask ourselves how we can make our products better, the experience better, and our processes better for you, our customers.”

Since 1968, Terry Taylor has promoted employee participation and engagement which led to the activation of our internal quality program, W.I.T. While in this program, employees pledge to do their part to provide our customers with the highest quality products and best service.


Wright Drive®

More strength. More torque. More tool-to-fastener contact.

The Wright Drive® was created and patented by the Wright Tool Company taking full advantage of advanced CAD/CAM technologies.


New Ownership

Rooted in Barberton OH, USA and privately-held.

Terry and Patricia Taylor and Tom Futey become new owners of the Wright Tool Company continuing to be a management-owned, privately-held company in Barberton, Ohio since 1927.


Wright Grip®

More torque. Longer life. Higher strength.

Wright Grip is a design evolution for open-end wrenches similar to what the Wright Drive® was for sockets and box wrenches. The design utilizes advanced CAD/CAM technologies to improve the wrench-to-fastener contact areas.


Our Culture - Pat Taylor

Perfecting Performance is written in Pat’s own signature and the mission of our company.

Perfecting Performance is a culture that Pat established her entire career, and it continues on into our future. She was a trailblazer before there were trails and to this day, her words to each new employee still ring true throughout our factory and offices, “don’t let me down.”


New President

“Our vision has always been to ensure confidence and protect those that are building our tomorrow. When we do that, we’re forging more than just tools. We’re forging partnerships. We’re forging respect. Something we don’t intend to lose any time soon."

On February 22, Tom Futey was named by the Board of Directors to President of the Wright Tool Company. In the company’s nearly 100-year history, Tom is only Wright's 4th President.


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