For storage you'll swear by, not at.

Wright ensures your storage so it will withstand the toughest conditions.

We are proud to offer our customers the most durable Modular Drawer Combinations made in the world today, complete with a unique 55-year Satisfaction Guarantee. Because our storage units are engineered to protect your premium tools that in turn protect you.

Feel confident that your tools are well-protected – backed by a master guarantee.

Unique combinations of flexible and heavy-duty top chests and roller cabinets that guarantee lifetime drawer performance.

  • Fully MIG welded and surface ground on all eight corners.
  • Full width 45° angle aluminum handles for easy identification of contents.
  • Heavy-duty casters, two swivel with brakes. Two are fixed for safe mobile tool storage.
  • Powder coat paint for superior scratch- and chemical-resistance.
  • Full height sidewalls providing maximum cubic storage capacity.
  • Standard full length forklift base.
  • Heavy-duty 11 gauge plug-in guide rail for quick adjustment.
  • Heavy-duty 11 gauge carriage with 6 ball bearing rollers and 4 steel rollers.
  • Optional colors of blue and black available on all 9 toolbox models.

Take a look at our full line of storage options

Type 2

29 1/4" 7 Drawer heavy duty Roller Cabinet

75 1/2" HEAVY DUTY 16 Drawer Roller Cabinet

52 1/2" 12 Drawer Heavy duty Roller Cabinet

30" 2 Drawer heavy duty utility Cart

46 1/2" 12 Drawer Heavy duty Roller Cabinet


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