Built to outlast.

Wright impact tools save time on the job. They are also great at handling high torques with less effort and a higher degree of safety.

Like all Wright tools, our sockets are manufactured in the USA in accordance with ISO 9001 quality system. And all are in stock and available for delivery offering a complete range of sizes from ⅜" to 3½” drives.

Because perfection is pointless if the tool isn’t there when needed.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Wright manufactures impact sockets in almost every size for ⅜" to 3½” drives. Made from 4140 alloy steel, these sockets are heavy-duty, high-strength tools. They are built to handle the tough abuse of impact guns and hydraulic wrenches, offering outstanding performance and long-lasting service.

There when the job demands it.

Wright stocks a wide assortment of impact sockets including 1½” drive sockets in inch and metric sizes through 4¾” and 155mm. The 2½” and 3½” drive sockets are custom-manufactured with fast turnaround times and prompt deliveries. In addition, deep socket sizes that are not stocked can be quickly manufactured to order.

Larger impact sockets.

Up to ⅜” openings and 3½” drives are well beyond the range of hand socket applications. The 2½” and 3½” drive sockets are normally driven with hydraulic power and because of the high loads involved, the impact designs are much safer for these drivers.

Check out our full line

6 Pt. Standard Metric Impact Sockets

8 Pt. Double Square Impact (Railroad) Sockets

12 Pt. Deep Impact Socket

Impact Adaptors

12 Pt. Deep Impact Sockets

6 Pt. Deep Impact Metric Sockets

6 Pt. Standard Length Universal Power Sockets

Impact Adaptors

Impact Universal Joint

6 Pt. Deep Metric Impact Sockets

Impact Extensions

6 Pt. Deep Impact Sockets

Impact Adaptor

Square Budd Wheel Metric Impact Sockets

Impact Universal

Budd Wheel Impact Sockets

6 Pt. Standard Impact Metric Sockets

6 Pt. Metric Standard Impact Sockets

Ball Joint Impact Sockets

8 Pt. Double Square Impact (Railroad) Sockets


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