Protecting Performance.

Our all-American blow molded cases are engineered to withstand the harshest environments.

Of the many choices you have, choose between options built to outlast the competition. The durability of our blow molded cases is second to none and no other material even comes close when it comes to impact strength.

Tough jobs need tougher protection.


Because integrally molded interiors are part of the case structure itself and not glued or snapped in later, the overall case is stronger and more shock absorbent. The air space between the double walls prevents shocks to the case exterior from being transferred to the case interior – providing superior case protection.

Economy & Utility.

The exterior and the interior of a double-wall blow molded case are molded as a single piece. That means that an interior designed specifically to package your product is integral to the overall structure of the case – not a separate insert that is made separately and installed later. The air spaces between the double walls are extremely useful. In the top or “lid” of a case, that air space is often used to store product manuals, forms/checklists, and marketing materials. In the bottom or “base” of a case that air space is an ideal place to store ancillary items – things like cables and hoses to hold them securely in place.

Take a look at our blow molded casing options

Set 423 1/2" Dr 6 Pt Standard & Deep Blow Mold Socket Set 18 Pc

Set 223-MC 6 Pt. SAE Standard & Deep Blow Mold Socket Set 25 Pc

Set 339-MC Dr 6 Pt Standard & Deep SAE Blow Mold Socket Set 31 Pc

Set 610-MC 3/4" Dr 6 Pt Standard Impact Blow Mold Socket Set 14 Pc


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