Don't put your name on anything but the best.

We are proud of our successful history and staff and you’ll feel that same pride when you pick up our tools.

We have a commitment to our customers that runs through our company from top to bottom. Stability and loyalty are highly valued attributes that we instill in all of our employees – and where integrity and pride are our mandates, not empty slogans.

We innovate when everyone else says “good enough.”

Made in the USA. Innovation is forged into our DNA.

From the design of our tools to our customer service to our manufacturing processes to shipping, in everything we do we constantly ask ourselves “how can we make this better for you?”

Perfecting performance is what we strive for internally and what we promise to you.

American-made innovation allows our tools to succeed where others may fail because perfection is pointless if it isn’t there when needed.

Our vision has always been to ensure confidence and protect those that are building our tomorrow. And when we do that, we're forging more than just tools. We're forging partnerships. We're forging respect.

Something we don't intend to lose anytime soon.


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