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forging respect.

Wright’s vision has always been to ensure confidence and protect those that are building our tomorrow. And when we do that, we're forging more than just tools. We're forging partnerships. We're forging respect. Something we don't intend to lose anytime soon.

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safety above all else


finding safety the wright way.

Wright takes extra steps to forge tools that are safer to use and designed to prevent tool failure.

your industry is our specialty


serving every industry.

For almost 100 years, we’ve sharpened the design of our tools and with a variety of patents created using the latest imaging technology, every Wright tool exceeds ‘American-made’ standards. So, ask for the American-made tool, made for the toughest jobs.

your industry is our specialty


we’re proudly made in the USA.

We make our tools for the men and women who make this country what it is. Everywhere there's a tough job, there's a Wright tool getting it done. Our tools are designed to provide superior quality and then hot forged to create maximum strength and durability. Every Wright tool is engineered, built and tested in the United States—right here under our roof and up to our standards.

forging respect
wright for industry

our products speak for themselves

12 Pt. SAE & Metric Combination Wrenches - Satin

Pipe Wrenches—Heavy-duty Design

Crowfoot Wrenches—Flare Nut 12 Pt.

Open-End Wrenches - SAE & Metric

SAE & Metric Flare Nut Wrenches

Construction Spud Ratchet

Black Industrial Finish Ratchet

Flex Head Ratchets

Set 209 12 Pt. Standard SAE Socket Set 10 Pc

Set 473 12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket Set 10 Pc

Set 328 12 Pt. Standard SAE Socket Set 11 Pc

Set 210 12 Pt. Deep SAE Socket Set

Set 418 12 Pt. Standard Socket Set 12 Pc

Set 200 6 Pt. Standard SAE Socket Set - 10 Pc

Set 357 6 Pt. Deep Impact Metric Socket Set 12 Pc

Set 379 8 Pt. Standard Socket Set 11 Pc

Fractional Sockets, Handles & Attachments

Flex Handles

Fractional Handles & Attachments

Joseph says

I use Wright tools on pressure transducers for aerospace testing. I use them because they are made in the USA, and as we know, American tools are the best. The manufacturing philosophy and quality of this company is right on the money, which helped me make my decision to purchase Wright tools. They perform flawlessly. The hand feel of the wrenches is perfect and a product that comfortable to grip gives me the confidence in high pressure (psi) applications.

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Owen says

I just want to thank you for being an American company and for making great products. I just found out that you make all your tools in the U.S. out of U.S. steel. I will be buying all my tools from you from now on. This country needs more companies like yours.

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Tim says

I work in aviation, mostly on the oxygen systems. There is very little room to work on these systems and even less room for error. I could not ask for a better tool. When my 1/4" ratcheting torque wrench stopped ratcheting, I called Wright's Customer Service and they went above and beyond, as this tool is irreplaceable. I chose the Wright wrench, which is compact, precise, and adjustable. It outperforms the "truck" torque wrenches hands down.

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Jeff says

I'm creating a tool room for our locomotive machinists. I learned of Wright tools when I was doing on-site engine over-hauls in the power generation industry. I needed a ¾” drive ratchet that was fine tooth and could break main bearings free that were torqued to 740 ft-lbs. I purchased #6425 instead of the equivalent of another brand. The Wright tool exceeded expectations. I am a certified ASE master diesel technician and a licensed aircraft mechanic, and I have used everything. I'm now a mechanical training manager at a railroad. If there's anything I can do with respect to trying new tools or offering advice for new tools please don't hesitate to ask. I'm a major advocate of keeping Americans working and prefer to see American money supporting American jobs.

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Gadalya says

Please allow me the opportunity to give praise where praise is due. A lifelong industry professional, I have been raised with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your products have been an amazing example of quality, efficiency and ease. Thank you for keeping a company like yours going strong.

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Matt says

I love this company! They are the epitome of what a great American tool company should be. Every socket I own is made by Wright, at least half of my ratchets and all of wrenches. In the years I've spent as an automotive and motorcycle mechanic, I've never once been disappointed by my experience with these tools.

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Elizabeth says

Amazing place to work for, and just as it says on the website, the tooling made here is of the highest quality. Everyone takes incredible pride in their work and it shows in the final product.

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Andrew says

Quality USA made products with good accuracy. Some of the Wright torque wrenches come with calibration certificates and compare favorably to expensive brands. Update: their wrenches and sockets are top notch too (just got the 3xx, 466, 467, 915 and 958 sets).

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