The most advanced wrench on the planet is now a standard feature.

Our advanced opening profile places more metal in high-stress areas to stiffen the jaws, increase tool strength and reduce permanent jaw spread.

Wright wrenches feel as good as they look, and they have a reserve of strength for tough jobs. And with Wright Grip 2.0, the innovation provides more torque with less fastener damage, distributing stress evenly over a larger contact area and away from the fastener corners.

This is the wrench, they were afraid you would find.

50% more protrusion engagement than all other wrenches.

We’ve optimized the flat contact areas to remove force from the fastener corners, as well as optimized the protrusions for each fastener size to add grip to your wrenches.

When you need all the grip you can get, nothing comes close to a Wright tool.

80% stronger than all other wrenches.

We’ve added premium Wright alloy steel for increased strength, as well as ensured precision in our broaches give you the most consistent quality and tolerance levels achievable.

Don’t believe us? Test it yourself.


Optimized flat contact to remove force from the fastener corners


Precision broached for consistent quality and tolerances


Added premium Wright alloy steel for increased strength


Protrusions optimized for each fastener size for added grip

MORE CONTACT more torque more strength more grip more life less rounding less fatigue less jaw spread less slippage less failure MORE contact

products containing wright grip 2.0

12 Pt Flat Stem Combination Wrenches - Satin Finish


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