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Q:  Where are your tools made?
A:  Wright manufactures all of their wrenches, ratchets, sockets and attachments in Barberton, Ohio, U.S.A. We use no foreign blanks and only U.S. steel. Our Cougar Pro ™ brand of hand tools are made in Taiwan.

Q:  What is Wright Drive® and how does it benefit us?
A:  The Wright Drive® 12-pt. design is an entirely new tool design. The Wright Drive® 12-pt. design distributes contact stress evenly over a larger contact area than conventional sockets. This design also increases leverage while decreasing rounding and distortion of fasteners. Patent #4,882,957. The Wright Drive™ 6-pt. design is ideal for impact sockets. Wright combines the benefits of our exclusive 12-pt. design with the better gripping action of a 6-pt. opening. The result is a better grip on undersized fasteners and fasteners with badly rounded corners. Patent #5,284,073

Q:  How can I get a catalog?
A:  Click here to download our current catalog.

Q:  What is Wright Tool's warranty?
A:  See our Warranty Page for details!

Q:  What wrench should I use for my job?
A:  The strength of a wrench, or how much torque it can transmit to a fastener, depends very much on circumstances. If the head of the fastener is undersized, worn, or has rounded corners or if the wrench is worn, the amount of torque that can be transmitted to the fastener is substantially reduced and the chances of damaging the fastener or breaking the wrench is increased. Therefore, it is not possible for Wright to make a recommendation for a wrench to be used in a particular circumstance. We suggest you contact your Wright distributor for further information. Bear in mind that a new wrench is significantly stronger than a worn wrench. The torque required to remove the fastener may be as much as three times the amount of torque required to install a fastener. Therefore, more care and sometimes higher strength wrenches must be used for removal and installation. Sockets are available in several drives. The average socket is made in three drive sizes. Wherever possible, use the middle or larger drive for additional strength. The larger drives always provide more strength. This is particularly useful on removal of fasteners because the force to remove the fastener is usually 100-300% of the amount of torque to install the fastener. Published data on the strength of wrenches and on installation torque do not take into account the circumstances of use and should not be relied on for selection of wrenches. For further information please see your Wright distributor.  

Q:  When is it appropriate to use an adaptor?

A:  We do not recommend the use of adaptors under any circumstances. All socket wrenches are designed with respect to their drive size. Larger drive size sockets are substantially stronger than smaller sockets of the same opening. Smaller drive sockets are sometimes used with an adaptor for light duty applications, but the user must use great care not to overload.  

Q:  Is it ever proper to grind or otherwise reduce the diameter of a socket to fit in a tight space?
A:  We strongly advise against it. The use of hand sockets require less space but these should not be used on hydraulic or impact guns.  

Q:  How do I get a torque wrench certified?
A:  Most of our torque wrenches come with certification papers. They should be recalibrated every six months or 5,000 uses, whichever comes first. This may be done by sending them to Angle Repair, 175 Angle Drive, Beckley, WV 25801. Please see your Wright distributor for guidance on the use and recalibration of torque wrenches. He can also provide you with reprints of an article outlining the proper use of torque wrenches. Torque wrenches are also discussed in the Wright safety video.  

Q:  Can Wright ratchets be repaired?
A:  Yes. All Wright ratchets can easily be renewed with a ratchet renewal kit. Renewal kits are listed on the ratchet pages in the tool lists.

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