We're forging something stronger than any tool. Respect.

American Made Quality.

Tools that are confidently backed with a lifetime warranty.

Since 1927, Wright has manufactured the highest quality hand tools in the industry. No exceptions. Since forging the first cast here in Ohio, our tools have been engineered and crafted by hardworking Americans, for hardworking Americans. We have no intentions on slowing down either—Wright has continued to innovate when everyone else says "good enough"— and we have the patents to prove it. All of these are reasons why our tools aren't inexpensive, because frankly, you get what you pay for. We forge tools for those who understand value isn't represented by a price tag, but rather downtime and replacement.

Professionals working in the world's harshest environments demand performance and safety that exceeds the standard, because failure is not an option. This is why we only use the best— Wright alloy steel. The use of our proprietary steel, precision heat treating, and advanced manufacturing techniques results in products of long life, durability and toughness. The end result are products built to exceed industry standards, because good enough is never good enough.

We finish that American innovation and hard work off with an equally hardworking lifetime warranty— one that you'll likely never need.

the wrench they were afraid you'd find.

Simply put, you won't find a better wrench. period.

Our advanced opening profile places more metal in high-stress areas to stiffen the jaws, increase tool strength and reduce permanent jaw spread—now a standard feature on all Wright open-end and combination wrenches. Precision placed protrusions are custom engineered for each wrench size to keep it seated on the fastener, increase torque and reduce slippage.

More protrusion engagement than all wrenches
Stronger than all wrenches

Optimized flat contact to remove force from the fastener corners

Precision broached for consistent quality and tolerances

Protrusions optimized for each fastener size for added grip

Added premium Wright alloy steel for increased strength

Download Wrightgrip 2.0 information


The Wright Drive® design distributes contact stress more effectively than any other wrench system available. It spreads stress evenly over a larger contact area and away from the fastener corners.

More contact than conventional 12-point designs
More contact than 2nd gen. AS954 12-point


Wright Drive® 12-point has up to ten times more tool-to-fastener contact area than conventional 12-point wrenches. This design improves fastener torque load while decreasing rounding and distortion of the fastener.


Wright Drive® 6-point moves the contact area away from the corners, creating greater strength, more torque. Wright Drive®'s circle diameter reduces fastener rounding and allows better grip on undersized fasteners and previously rounded corners.

Download WRIGHTDRIVE® information

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get your job done right the fiRst time.

At Wright, we realize time is money. That is why we make it easy to get the tools you need to do the job right the first time. We have worked with our distributors to make it easier than ever to purchase Wright products. Thank you for making Wright synonymous with quality in the tool industry.

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"I look forward to my next tool purchase from wright!"

I recently won a set of Wright wrenches at a company function and I must say I'm very impressed with the quality and the fact that they're made in the USA. I'm an electrician and I buy a lot of tools. I can say that I will be looking at your catalog for future purchases based solely on the fact that your tools are made here in the US. Thank you for proudly making your product here in the states and I look forward to my next tool purchase from Wright!


"who designed this piece of modern genius?"

Who designed this piece of modern genius? Your previous Scaffold Wrench was good but this is pure genius. It's like the iPod of Scaffold Wrenches. You may not have invented the scaffold wrench but you certainly have made it awesome. I posted a review in a blog on my site, you can check it out here at www.scaffoldbuilders.com. How much are they and how do I get the steel head for it? I think if I have the steel head I might be able to replace 3 + tools with this thing. Great tool! Let me know if you would like me to rave about it anywhere else. Thanks for sending it!


"I will be buyInG all my tools from you from now on."

I just want to thank you for being an American company and for making great products. I just found out that you make all your tools in the U.S. out of U.S. steel. I will be buying all my tools from you from now on. This country needs more companies like yours.

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