Safety has always been a reason to buy Wright tools. We take extra steps to build tools that are safer to use and designed to prevent tool failure. We engineer our tools for higher strength, better performance, longer-lasting durability and longterm reliability.

Some might say we “over-engineer” our tools. Where others might make a tool thinner to fit a tight space, we’ve designed a way to make the tool fit without sacrificing strength or contact area. We don’t stop with “good enough.” We constantly strive to make our tools the safest in the industry.

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7-Piece Combination Wrench Set, 3/8" - 3/4" - 12 Pt.
1-5/8" Combination Wrench - 12 Pt.
1/2"-Drive, 10-1/2" Long Ratchet, Knurled Grip
1-1/4" Structural Wrench, Offset Head, Black
5/8" - 1/2"-Drive, 6-Pt. Standard Impact Socket
5/8" - 1/2"-Drive, 12-Pt. Standard Socket
9/16" - 1/2"-Drive, 12-Pt. Standard Socket
1/2"-Drive WrightGripTM SB Scaffold Ratchet

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