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Here’s what satisfied users say about Wright Tools:

July 15, 2015: Mike writes: I've purchased many brands of combination wrenches. As a mechanic for mobile and industrial equipment, I believe Wright combo wrenches provide the best value and overall performance. I love the thick beam, unlike other brands that have a sharp OR just a plain thin cross profile. The combo wrenches are very comfortable to use. I enjoy the satin finish as they stay in my hands, whereas the tool truck brands have the jewelry-like finish which slips out of my hands anywhere near oil or grease. If you like the jewelry finish, look at the 900 series wrenches. The 700 series are satin finish. Also, the open end of the combo wrenches are "Wrightgrip" which is Wright's equivalent of Flank Drive plus, Opti torque, etc. This technology works fantastic. I've used the open end on hydraulic fittings that were stationary 30+ years on agricultural equipment and hit the box end with a hammer to break them loose! These wrenches are SUPERB!!! I wouldn't trade them for any other wrench...at ANY price!

June 30, 2015: Gene writes: Thank you so much for replacing my Wright 3/4 Drive Ratchet. You are a great company!

August 13, 2014: Gadalya writes: Please allow me the opportunity to give praise where praise is due. A lifelong industry professional, I have been raised with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Your products have been an amazing example of quality, efficiency, and ease. Thank you for keeping a company like yours going strong.

March 9, 2013: Tim writes: I work in Aviation, mostly on the oxygen systems. There is very little room to work on these systems and even less room for error. I could not ask for a better tool. When my 1/4" Racheting Torque Wrench stopped ratcheting, I called Wright Tool Customer Service and they went above and beyond, as this tool is irreplaceable. I chose the Wright Tool wrench which is compact, precise, and adjustable. It outperforms the "truck" torque wrenches hands down.

March 7, 2013: Robert writes: Thank you for making great tools! A friend and I were working on a project and twisted off a 3/4Fx1/2M socket adapter (a Chinese made product). I then bought a set of Wright socket adapters. Unbeknownst to me, my friend also ordered a socket set of another well-known, respected brand. In a side-by-side comparison, the Wright adapter (6900) is head and shoulders above the other brand in quality (machining and retainer). Thanks again for making excellent products at a reasonable price, and showing that Americans still can manufacture the best products and be competitive in the world economy.

March 4, 2013: Jeff writes: I'm creating a tool room for our locomotive machinists. I learned of Wright tools when I was doing on-site engine over-hauls in the power generation industry. I needed a 3ˇ4” drive ratchet that was fine tooth and could break main bearings free that were torqued to 740 lbs ft. I purchased #6425 instead of the equivalent of another brand. The Wright tool exceeded expectations. I am a certified ASE master diesel technician and a licensed aircraft mechanic and I have used everything. I'm now a mechanical training manager at a railroad. If there's anything I can do with respect to trying new tools or offering advice for new tools please don't hesitate to ask. I'm a major advocate of keeping Americans working and prefer to see American money supporting American jobs.

February 3, 2012: Owen writes: I just want to thank you for being an American company and for making great products. I just found out that you make all your tools in the U.S. out of U.S. steel. I will be buying all my tools from you from now on. This country needs more companies like yours.

December 31, 2011: Justin writes: Who designed this piece of modern genius? Your previous Scaffold Wrench was good but this is pure genius. It's like the I-pod of Scaffold Wrenches. You may not have invented the scaffold wrench but you certainly have made it awesome. I posted a review in a blog on my site, you can check it out here at www.scaffoldbuilders.com. How much are they and how do i get the steel head for it? I think if I have the steel head I might be able to replace 3 + tools with this thing. Great tool! Let me know if you would like me to rave about it anywhere else. Thanks for sending it!

December 5, 2011: Charles writes: We are a rebuilder/restorer of military trucks. David Cial, an associate at BDI, suggested the Wright brand when we discussed the need for a better line of tools. We have previously used several brands, but have recently had real problems with tools holding up to expectations. Quality simply is much less than in the past with many brands. We recently purchased Wright sockets, ratchets, and combination wrenches. I had prior experience with the Wright brand years ago in the heavy earthmoving industry and remembered the Wright line as being extremely heavy duty tooling. In the business of military trucks, we need heavy duty tools. To date we have been impressed with current production Wright tools and extend sincere thanks to David and BDI for reintroducing us to Wright tools. Our recently purchased tools have performed above expectations thus far. We have only had them for a few weeks. I look forward to offering what I feel will be positive feedback in the future as we put them to the test over the coming months.

September 1, 2011: Nathan writes: I recently won a set of Wright wrenches at a company function and I must say I'm very impressed with the quality and the fact that they're made in the USA. I'm an electrician and I buy a lot of tools. I can say that I will be looking at your catalog for future purchases based solely on the fact that your tools are made here in the US. Thank you for proudly making your product here in the states and I look forward to my next tool purchase from Wright!

August 10, 2011: Craig writes: In 1961 I purchased a Wright 1/2" drive socket set from Doughten Auto Supply in Ankeny, IA. Through 50 years of use, I had worn the chrome plating off of two of the sockets. One phone call and they were replaced. I didn't even have to pay the freight. Why would I ever buy tools anywhere else. Reliability and service beyond reproach. Thank you.

April 27, 2011: Joseph writes: I use Wright tools on pressure tranducers for aerospace testing. I use them because they are made in the USA, and as we know, American tools are the best. The manufacturing philosophy and quality of this company is right on the money, which helped me make my decision to purchase Wright tools. They perform flawlessly. The hand feel of the wrenches is perfect and a product that comfortable to grip gives me the confidence in high pressure (psi) applications.

November 5, 2010: Carlin writes: I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to make your product in the United States with materials made here and for producing high quality tools. I gladly spent a few extra dollars to own one of your tools knowing they were made in the United States and in Ohio.
**Please share your story with us, tell us about your experience with Wright Tools! Click here to tell us about it...

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